How to Install MicroG With custom or Stock ROM

“MicroG is a Open Source Re-implementation of Google Play Service on Android. The linux-based open-source mobile operating system Android is a most popular mobile operating system in the world, but More and More libraries and APIs are only available on phones that run with GMS or Google Play Service.

for these reasons Android is described as being a “look but don’t touch” kind of open. so if you want to replace Gapps or GMS with a alternative then you have to do this by using the MicroG. Let’s see How?

uninstall GMS:

  • for that first Install twrp and root your phone with magisk
  • Now we need signature spoofing in the ROM for that flash this Magisk Module
  • Now Open Root uninstaller and remove below listed apps

Core Gapps:

  • GmsCore (PrebuiltGmsCore, PrebuiltGmsCorePi, PrebuiltGmsCorePix)
  • GoogleBackupTransport
  • GoogleFeedback
  • GoogleLoginService
  • GoogleOneTimeInitializer
  • GooglePartnerSetup
  • GoogleServicesFramework
  • Phonesky
  • SetupWizard
  • Velvet.

Optional: Gmail, drive, Duo, Map, & all oher remaining gapps.

How to Install MicroG:

  • Download Latest MicroG package from Here
  • Put it to device storage, reboot phone to twrp
  • Make Nandroid backup, flash then reboot system Now


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