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Magisk Delta is a major leap in the field of Android rooting. It expands on the acclaimed Magisk framework’s basis, providing an improved and streamlined user experience. Magisk Delta, created by a committed community of Android fans and developers, aspires to push the limits of what is possible in the area of rooting.

Features of Magisk Delta

1. Zygisk Integration

Magisk Delta introduce Zygisk, a superb feature that injects zygote via ptrace init. This enables a smooth and efficient process for running root-level applications, improving overall system performance.

2. MagiskHide Functionality

Magisk Delta includes MagiskHide to keep root privileges even when Zygisk is turned off. This feature improves security by allowing users to conceal the root state from specified apps or services, resulting in a more flexible and controlled rooting experience.

3. Pre-init Module Mounting

Magisk Delta’s feature list now includes support for module mounting in pre-init. This functionality improves compatibility with a wide selection of modules, allowing users to more easily customise their devices.

4. Installation in /system for Emulators

Magisk Delta goes a step further by providing support for installing Magisk into /system, addressing the needs of emulator users especially

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How to Install Magisk Delta

  1. Download Magisk Delta: download latest magisk delta apk from above links
  2. Install Magisk Delta: go to download folder and click on downloaded magisk delta apk file, from the popup window select ‘Install’
  3. Open Magisk Delta: once the installation is completed, go to app drawer and open the magisk delat app

Difference with Official Magisk

  • Zygisk Integration: Magisk Delta support Zygisk to optimize the injection of zygote by ptrace init.
  • MagiskHide with Zygisk Disabled: magisk hide work very well with magisk delta
  • Pre-init Module Mounting: Magisk Delta support module mounting in pre-init, which¬† increased flexibility for users to customize their devices.
  • Installation in /system for Emulators: the app allow installation of Magisk into system.