Terms & Conditions

  1. File Hosting Information: All ROMs available on our platform are hosted on different file hosting services for your convenience. When you select a ROM, you will be redirected to the respective file on the hosting site.
  2. Authenticity and Testing: We take pride in offering only verified files and tutorials. Every ROM and tutorial undergoes thorough testing. However, users should exercise caution, as we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device due to incorrect flashing.
  3. Precautionary Measures: Before making any modifications to your device, it is strongly recommended to create backups of your ROM and personal data. This precautionary step will assist you in restoring your device to its original condition if needed.
  4. Supporting ROM Authors: Each custom ROM is credited to its respective author, with a provided link for users who wish to show appreciation through donations. Your support helps these developers continue their valuable contributions.
  5. Community Guidelines: We maintain a respectful and safe community environment. Users are requested to refrain from posting sexual or harmful comments. Any attempts to harm our platform will not be tolerated.
  6. Copyright Compliance: We strictly adhere to copyright regulations. In the rare instance of copyrighted material being used for educational purposes, it is done so in accordance with copyright acts.
  7. Site Security Measures: To ensure the security and availability of our service, we employ software programs to monitor traffic. Unauthorized attempts to upload, modify, or cause harm are actively identified and addressed. Visitor information, including operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions, may be analyzed for security purposes.
  8. Legal Compliance: In cases of authorized law enforcement investigations and as required by legal processes, information gathered may be utilized to aid in individual identification.
  9. Terms of Service Updates: Users are advised to regularly review our terms of service, as they may be subject to change without prior notification.


  1. All files, information, and content shared on our platform are intended solely for educational and repairing purposes. Users are advised to adhere to the laws and regulations of their respective countries and jurisdictions regarding IMEI-related activities.
  2. We do not endorse, encourage, or provide any services related to the alteration or IMEI numbers. all the files provided on our platform are available only for repairing purpose.