Download Miracle Box V2.89 Full Free Without box

Miracle Box is a powerful Software utility¬†designed to meet the complex repair requirements of¬†Qualcomm, MTK, and SPD-based devices. Whether you’re dealing with a bricked phone, software troubles, or the necessity for firmware upgrades, Miracle Box is a trustworthy friend with a wide range of features.

Key Features

1. Multi-Module Support:

Miracle Box supports a variety of modules, including MTK (MediaTek), QCOM (Qualcomm), and SPD (spreadtrum).

2. Firmware Flashing:

Miracle Box simplifies firmware flashing, allowing users to install or upgrade device software. This is especially beneficial for resolving software-related issues and ensuring that devices are running the most recent software versions.

3. Capabilities Unlocked:

Miracle Box is capable of unlocking a variety of devices. Whether it’s unlocking a device from a carrier or removing a pattern lock,.

4. IMEI Repair:

Repairing the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a critical aspect of mobile device repair. Miracle Box supports imei repairing for many devices.

5. Boot Repair and Unbricking:

Miracle Box make boot repair easy.

Download Links:

How to Install Miracle Box:

  • Download latest setup file from above
  • run installer & Install Miracle Box
  • from desktop run the “XTM_mIRAcle_tHUNDER V2.89.exe
  • once the tool open enter username
  • Click ‘START’
  • One done you can use Miracle without any login or box or dongle.


Miracle Box has developed as a helpful resource for technicians and amateurs navigating the complex world of mobile device repair. Its ability to support a wide range of chipsets and its extensive feature set make it a dependable alternative for Qualcomm, MTK, and SPD device repairs.

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