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Download QPST tool (Qualcomm Product Support Tools)

QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) is a collection of software tools and drivers for Windows used to interface with Qualcomm-powered mobile devices. It is used to manage, configure, and test Qualcomm-based devices, and provides access to advanced features and functions for developers, advanced users, and service technicians.


  • backup restore qcn
  • View/Read qcn data
  • Monitoring device logs and diagnostics information
  • Flashing or updating the firmware on Qualcomm-powered devices
  • Backing up and restoring device data and configuration information
  • Accessing the Qualcomm DIAG mode for advanced troubleshooting and debugging
  • configuring and testing various device features, including the radio, GPS, and other sensors

Download Links:

Inbuild Program:

  • QFIL
  • QCN View
  • PDC
  • Memory debug app
  • EFS Explorer
  • software Download
  • QPST configuration
  • service programming
  • EMMC software download

How to Install:

  • Download & extract tools
  • Run QPST_Installer.exe and Follow on screen Instructions

How to Backup qcn using QPST:

  • connect Phone to computer and enable diag Mod
  • Run QPST software download and Go to backup tab
  • at the top click browse Port and select correct USB Port
  • Click start

How do I write qcn and xqcn File using QPST:

  • Connect Phone to Computer and Enable Diag Mod
  • Run QPST Software Download and Go to Restore tab
  • at the Top Click Browse Port and Select Correct USB Port
  • Then Click on browse and Locate the .qcn or .xqcn File
  • Click Start

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