(Experimental) How to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Qin2 Pro

Bootloader unlocking on Xiaomi Qin2 Pro:

Step by Step Guide to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Qin2 Pro, if You own a Xiaomi Qin2 Pro Smartphone & want to unlock it then You are on a Correct Place You have to do this by following the below Instructions. unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi Qin2 Pro allow custom ROM Installation via fastboot mod, also after unlocking the loader You can root Your Phone via Magisk.


  1. unlocking the bootloader May Void Your device Warranty.
  2. all data will be erased so must make a backup before Process.


Steps to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Qin2 Pro:

  • We Need Linux OS Download Linux Mint (64bit)
  • Download Refuse tool to create a bootable flash drive
  • Make a bootable Flash drive
  • boot From Flash drive
  • on Phone enable Developer options oem unlock & USB Debugging
  • Copy the unlock folder to ..for example in home in Linux
  • Connect the Internet to Linux
  • Open console and Send code apt install adb (Select yes)
  • Go to the folder with the unlock cd / home / mint / Android_device_unlock (or where you have it there)
  • Go to Root Mode, Enter the command sudo su
  • Provide the rights chmod + x * .sh chmod + x fastboot
  • Connect the phone to PC – change the usb connection mode to file transfer
  • Check Phone Connection by sending below code
  • adb devices
  • Reboot Phone to bootloader by Sending below code
  • adb reboot bootloader
  • obtain identifier token by Sending below code:
  • ./fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  • Send Below code to unlock the Loader
  • ./signidentifier_unlockbootloader.sh XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX rsa4096_vbmeta.pem signature.bin
  • On phone Confirm unlocking by Pressing Volume + key
  • done Your Phone Successfully unlocked.