Vivo X70 Pro Plus test Point Reboot EDL Mod

Vivo X70 Pro Plus test Point are the two small point on it’s board that allow user to force the device to reboot into emergency download mod.

EDL Mod or emergency download Mod is the secondary bootloader on a smartphone where user can read & write any device Partition without unlocking the bootloader. to enable EDL Mod on Your Vivo X70 Pro Plus You have to do test Point, which you can do by following the below instructions.


  • test point require additional device disassemble knowledge, do at own risk

How to Reboot Vivo X70 Pro Plus to EDL Mod:

  • Install QCOM driver on your computer
  • Remove back cover of the Phone & find the Pinout as show In below Image
  • short the point using a coper wire or tweezer and Insert USB
  • check usb device in device manager if it detected
  • test Point for Vivo X70 Pro Plus