How to use Gpay on Rooted Galaxy F12 (bypass Safety Net)

Safety Net is a security feature or API that allow app developers to add additional security with in their app. after Safety Net bypass you can run any payment app (Like Gpay, paytm etc) with in your rooted android phone.

Samsung’s Galaxy A22 Run on Android 11 & it is Powered by Exynos 850 Processor. it is a dual SIM smartphone support Nano GSM SIM cards connectivity feature Include GPS bluetooth hotspot WIFI 3G & 4G. The device come with 4GB of RAM and 64/128GB of Storage that can be expandable Via sd card.

Steps to bypass Safety Net on Samsung Galaxy F12:

  • Download the sql editor from Google Play
  • Open the file from below path
data / data / / databases / dg.db
  • Select main . There will be several lines. Wherever there is the word attest in the name , in the column “C” we put the value 0 (if there are no such lines, then we do nothing)
  • Open root Explorer or Es Explorer. follow the same path and set the “Read Only” rights for dg.db (444)
  • open below path
data / data / / app_dg_cache
  • there will be folders in it, delete everything except for the most recent creation (the oldest), and set read-only on the app_dg_cache folder (Not on the folder inside
    app_dg_cache , but on it itself. be careful)
  • hide root from Gpay (and better all google applications) via magisk hide
  • reset cache and data from Gpay and Google Play
  • done