How to unbrick Motorola Edge 40 5G

will walk you through the steps to unbrick your Motorola Edge 40 5G and bring it back to life in this guide.

unbrick is a process to repair a device that was bricked, with in Motorola Edge 40 5G user face two type of brick- soft brick and hard brick.

Soft brick: in this stage device stuck or freez on boot logo or animation due to any software/ firmware issue.

hard brick: in this stage device completely goes dead and does not show any sign of boot for example logo or animation, even fastboot or recovery mod. it show only 9008 USB COM driver /device when we connect it to computer.



  • Download & extract Motorola Edge 40 5G unbrick tool
  • Install Mediatek USB driver on your computer
  • go to unbrick tool folder
  • run flash.bat
  • connect phone by holding volume up & down button (MTK USB port)
  • wait until success, once done the device start itself, if rebooted in fastboot
  • run below command using fastboot.exe or simply use power button to restart it
fastboot.exe reboot

Method 2:

  • use latest SP Flash tool, Select da, auth and scatter file from unbrick tool folder

Fastboot unbrick (Optional, if bootloader is unlocked):

  • Download Latest Firmware
  • Convert flashfile.xml to flashfile.bat (flashfile.xml= you may find it in fastboot firmware folder, use online tool to convert it into a .bat file)
  • run flashfile.bat
  • Connect device in fastboot mod
  • wait until success, once done, reboot device


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