Realme X2 Pro RMX1931 bootloader bypass Install twrp

on this page we share step by step guide to bypass bootloader unlock & Install twrp recovery on Realme X2 Pro RMX1931 on locked bootloader.



  • must make a backup & move it to PC
  • Must make a backup of current qcn file
  • I am not responsible for any Issue like Dead SD cards, IMEI loss etc.


  • Download & extract recovery.img & vbmeta.img in rawprogram folder
  • Run ROM2box.exe
  • Go to oppo tab
  • browse Model, Realme X2 Pro
  • select memory type ufs
  • under firmware flasher locate rawprogram folder
  • connect phone in edl mod (switch off Phone, USB + Volume-+ keys)
  • once Port Detected Click ‘Download‘ button

  • once done, reboot phone by pressing all keys
  • then wait for Phone to automatically go to twrp, it will take 15-20Min
  • once it in twrp flash modified boot.img or custom kernel to prevent stock recovery replace, done