How to Open Engineering Mode on Infinix Zero 30

Are you an Infinix Zero 30 user looking to access engineering Mode but unsure how to do it? You’ve come to the right place. Engineering Mode, also known as Engineer Mode or Service Mode, is a hidden menu on many Android devices that provides access to advanced diagnostic and testing features. here’s a simple guide to unlock Engineering Mode on your Infinix Zero 30.

  1. Open the Phone Dialer:  open the phone dialer app. This is where you’ll enter the code to access Engineering Mode.
  2. Enter the Code: Once you’re in the phone dialer, type in the following code: ##9646633##
  3. Dial the Code: After entering the code, simply tap on the call button as if you were making a phone call.
  4. Explore Engineering Mode Congratulations! You’ve successfully entered Engineering Mode on your Infinix Zero 30. Now you can explore various diagnostic and testing features that are typically hidden from regular users.



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