What is MTK DA File and How to use it

Mediatek Download Agent/ MTK DA File:

Custom MTK DA file is Download Agent File that have ability to bypass Secure boot on Mediatek Devices. we can use custom da file with all supported tool Like NCK box, Miracle box and SP flash tools.

Why would I need an MTK Secure Boot DA file?

If you try flashing Infinix devices which have Secure Boot with SP Flash tool then you’ll run into Authentication or Buffer errors . In boxes like CM2, NCK or Miracle, you’ll encounter a Secure Boot! error. To flash such devices, you’ll need a Secure Boot DA file.  It’ll also come in handy when trying to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Where can i Download DA File?

You can Download DA File from https://romprovider.com/tag/da-file/

How to use MTK DA File?

With NCK Box:

  • click select custom loader
  • navigate to your DA file and select the DA you wanted to use.
  • Click on [FM] Reset FRP / [FM] Means Flash Mode
    • Open NCK Loader
    • Click on settings
    • navigate to your DA file and select the DA you wanted to use.
    • back to Service Tab
    • click Reset FRP

With SP Flash tools:

In SP Flash tools You can Select DA file in the Mane Tab of the tool.


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