How to Find Project ID & PCB Number on Oppo Realme Devices

Oppo Realme devices, known for their elegant look and powerful features, frequently attract the interest of tech enthusiasts who like to experiment with their smartphones’ potential. Understanding the Project ID is important if you enjoy fiddling with your Oppo Realme device and want to go deeper into its details. We’ll walk you through the process of locating the Project ID on Oppo Realme devices, so you can make informed decisions and avoid any hazards during advanced modifications.


  1. Access the Dialer: Open the phone’s dialer application. This is where you’ll input a special code to access hidden menus.
  2. Enter the Code: Input the following code into the dialer: *#899#. After entering the code, you may see Engineer mod window.
  3. Navigate to PCB Num Line: Once you’ve entered the code, press the PCB num line. This step is crucial for revealing the Project ID associated with your Oppo Realme device.
  4. Locate Your Project ID: After selecting the PCB num line, you should see a display that includes your Project ID. It might be listed as a numeric or alphanumeric code, representing the specific project associated with your device.
  5. Record Your Project ID: Take note of the Project ID displayed on the screen. This information can be valuable, especially if you plan on making significant changes or modifications to your device.
  6. Exercise Caution: It’s important to highlight the significance of finding your Project ID before engaging in any serious manipulations. This precautionary measure can be instrumental in avoiding potential complications, particularly in scenarios where your device may become unresponsive or “bricked.”