Fingerprint Calibration on Black Shark Smartphones

Fingerprint calibration is the process of fine-tuning and optimizing the performance of a fingerprint recognition system. To guarantee that the system identifies a user’s fingerprint for authentication purposes accurately and reliably, this process entails multiple steps. For biometric authentication to be highly accurate, secure, and consistent, fingerprint calibration is essential.

here are the steps to recalibrate fingerprint on Xiaomi black shark smartphone.

  • Enter *#*#466349#*#* on the dial keypad, Will jump to the fingerprint calibration interface,
  • Then click 售后校准, you will be prompted to Put the FLASH FLA then click START.
  • Click Start first, and then immediately press your thumb on the fingerprint module, keeping the phone from moving.
  • Wait for this step to be complete, then it will prompt Put the black FLAT
    You can use black things, or wrap your thumb in black clothes, and then press and hold the fingerprint module.
  • Then wait for the calibration to complete
  • The fingerprint module must be completely covered during the calibration process, otherwise the unlock rate will decrease
  • After success, restart the phone to re-enter the fingerprint and use the fingerprint to unlock.