Download Redmi Note 6 Pro unbrick tool (No Auth)

Redmi Note 6 Pro unbrick Tool is a specialized utility designed to communicate with Redmi Note 6 Pro stuck in 9008 EDL mode. For anyone dealing with bricked Redmi Note 6 Pro, it is a crucial piece of software that is quite beneficial.

Understanding the 9008 EDL Mode:

Before using the Unbrick Tool, Let’s quickly review the 9008 EDL mode. Qualcomm emergency Download mode called EDL mode enables low-level hardware interactions with the device. It’s frequently the last option for recovery when your device reaches this mode, and more conventional techniques like flashing via fastboot or Recovery may not work. In this situation, the Unbrick Tool excels.

Features of Redmi Note 6 Pro unbrick tool:

  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Flash Firmware in 9008 EDL Mod without Auth

Download Links:

How to use

  • download & extract device firmware
  • Run tool & locate the main images folder
  • Click ‘Flash’ button
  • Now Plug device in 9008 EDL Mod, you can use (test Point or fastboot2edl method)
  • once done, your device start automatically..