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No-verity-opt-Encrypt 6.1 universalDownload
Samsung EditionDownload
no-verity-opt-encrypt-3.1.zip742.7 KiB2016-10-22 22:23 EST B2016-10-22 22:23 EST
no-verity-opt-encrypt-3.2.zip742.8 KiB2016-10-24 23:32 EST B2016-10-24 23:32 EST
no-verity-opt-encrypt-4.0.zip756.5 KiB2016-11-04 01:52 EST B2016-11-04 01:52 EST
no-verity-opt-encrypt-4.1.zip752.4 KiB2016-11-06 22:36 EST B2016-11-06 22:36 EST
no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.0.zip674.0 KiB2016-12-21 06:11 EST B2016-12-21 06:11 EST
no-verity-opt-encrypt-5.1.zip1.0 MiB2017-01-09 22:40 EST B2017-01-09 22:40 EST
no-verity-opt-encrypt-6.0.zip656.9 KiB2017-11-22 06:01 EST


No verity opt encrypt is a special tool which allow user to disable boot verification of their rooted phone.

How to Install No verity opt encrypt:

  • Download Latest No verity opt encrypt zip from above
  • Move downloaded file to device storage
  • reboot phone to twrp recovery
  • make a nandroid backup, flash, Flash
  • Reboot system Now, Your phone successfully rooted without bootloop

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