Download Samsung Multidisabler for Android 12

Multidisabler is a twrp script by @ianmacd to disables encryption, Vaultkeeper, auto-flash of stock recovery, proca, wsm, cass, etc on a samsung smartphone, however official version of the tool support only android 9-11 so here we share a modded version that is work’s on Android 12 too.


  • working on Android 12
  • FBE (file-based encryption): Until this is disabled, most versions of TWRP — all for Exynos devices and many for Qualcomm — cannot read files on /data (the userdata partition). You must format /data to actually remove FBE after disabling it. Back up your data first!
  • Vaultkeeper: Magisk now dynamically disables this during boot, but if you boot outside of Magisk, it will return with a vengeance on some devices.
  • Process authentication (a.k.a. proca): This service must be disabled on some devices in order to use a custom kernel without problems. Note that all 2019 devices with TWRP utilise a custom kernel for Android, because the same kernel is shared by Magisk to boot the system. This does not apply to devices lauched in 2020 and later.
  • Stock recovery auto-restoration: In certain circumstances, your device will automatically restore its stock recovery partition, overwriting your custom recovery (TWRP). Magisk now also provides dynamic protection against this, but again, this will not save you if you boot outside of Magisk.
  • wsm: On Android 10 and 11, this service prevents Samsung smartwatches from connecting to the Galaxy Wearable app.

Download Links:

How to Install Multidisabler:

  • put file to device storage
  • reboot phone to twrp
  • wipe data
  • flash via Install or sideload (adb sideload
  • make a backup
  • reboot

Credit: ianmacd@xda Mod By unknwon tested by ROMProvider.COM