Download Auto Fastboot Flasher

Download Auto Fastboot Flasher for free, it’s a fully automated script which generate a partition list from your device and then write all partition one by one. the tool support both a and AB devices, first you have to unlock the bootloader along with critical then you can use it.


  • fully automated script
  • write all partition, all mean all Including critical partition Like bootloader or everything Included in EDL ROM (require bootloader unlock critical)
  • automatic generate flash_all script for any device


  • unlocked bootloader + critical

Download Links:

  • fastboot flasher V1.0 by Download


  • you can use this script on your project without prior information however you can link this page to support us.

Prevent brick:

  • delete bootloader related partition from firmware folder


  • use at own risk
  • all userdata will be erased Including Internal Storage..

How to use Auto Fastboot Flasher:

  • Extract zip
  • connect phone to computer in fastboot mod
  • open Fastboot Flasher.exe
  • Select Firmware folder
  • mart device type ‘A’ or ‘AB’ (AB new high end devices with dual Slot, it will add a _ab flag to every partition & once the flashing completed it will set active slot to ‘A’)
  • then click ‘Download‘ button
  • don’t touch GUI until Success (fastboot.exe wait for device if it not connected you have to kill it from task manager)

Tested ON:

  • redmi 5a
  • redmi note 6 pro

Excluded partition:

  • same file on multi partition like ‘lksecappbak’ ‘lksecapp’ it will flash only the one which use correct file, if file is lksecappbak.img then it write lksecappbak..