Doro qcm6125 Android Firmware Individual Files

Download Doro qcm6125 Individual Partition Files from firmware. on this page we share some partition Files Like boot, recovery, dtbo etc for rooting, repairing & development purpose. The files we share below are collected from a specific firmware version & we strongly suggest their use on same firmware, flashing them on any other firmware version may cause soft brick.


  • flash at own risk
  • make a backup before process

Download Links:

  • boot.img, tz.img, recovery.img, build.prop : Download
  • Firmware Version: sc138-userdebug 10 S10A_123 eng.hct.20211227.112722 test-keys
  • if you need complete solution, you can download rom2box program for firmware reading flashing & repairing, it’s free

How to use:

  • move downloaded file to platform tools folder
  • Now use fastboot in this format
fastboot flash 'partition name' file name'

How to Root:

  • download boot.img from above
  • patch it using magisk manager
  • Now write from fastboot
fastboot flash boot boot.img