How to Disable AntiRoll Back on Android 9.0

Remove AntiRoll Back on Android 9.0:

Step by Step Guide to Remove antiRoll back on Android 9.0. if You own A Xiaomi Smartphone Running on Android 9.0 Pie then You can use Below Instructions to Remove antiroll back Protection on it.

What is AntiRoll Back Protection:

AntiRoll Back is a Security Feature on Xiaomi Phone That Does not allow older Firmware Installation over a New Firmware. For Ex 9.2.7 Firmware Installed on Your Phone then it Can’t allow 9.2.6 or Lower Version Installation.

How to Remove AntiRoll Back:

  • Download any Recovery Firmware for Your Phone and unpack it
  • Find the updater-script along the path – META-INF> com> Google> android
  • Open the updater-script file in a text editor
  • We are looking for lines
(! Less_than_int (1533963226, getprop ("")))) || abort ("E3003: 
Can't install this package (Sat Aug 11 10:23:46 IST 2018) 
over newer build (" + getprop ("") + ").");
  • Delete them and save the changes
  • Go back to the folder with the unpacked firmware
  • Repack Firmware and Flash it via Stock Recovery or twrp


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