How to Get Root on Flyme OS 7

Getting Root on Flyme OS 7:

Step by Step Guide to Get Root Right on Flyme OS 7. IF you own a Meizu Smartphone Running on Flyme OS 7 Then you can Follow Below Instruction’s to Obtain Root Right. This Guide work on Locked bootloader Without twrp Recovery. mean’s no Need to unlock The Device to Get Root.

Working Devices:

  • M6 Note
  • Pro 7
  • Pro 6 Plus
  • Pro 7 Plus
  • MX6
  • M6s
  • M6
  • 15 Plus
  • 15
  • M5 Note
  • M6T (Flyme 6)


  1. Download and Install  Quick Shortcut Maker from Google Play
  2. Activate Easy Mode in the settings along the way: Settings – Screen and Brightness – Easy Mode – Enable
  3. Run Quick Shortcut Maker From the app Drawer.
  4. Enter Flyme in the search bar , open My Flyme list and select the icon with the Name com.meizu.root.OpenSystemRightActivity.  On the next screen, click the Create button
  5. The Smartphone will automatically Go to the desktop and show the My Flyme label created by us . We go into it, carefully read the standard disclaimer, put a tick Accept and press the OK button . The device will ask you to enter the password from your Flyme-account and after entering it will reboot
  6. Donel Root-Rights successfully obtained! After a reboot, you can exit the Easy mode
  7. Root Setting May be available With the path:
  8. Settings – Blocking and security  ( Imprints, Face Recognition, etc.) – Root access.
  9. if Not See then again use Quick Shortcut Maker. In Search type Root:Find Root Access Settings and Then create Shortcut. Done.


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