How to Extract Payload.bin

The “payload.bin” file in an Android OTA update package is a binary file that contains the actual update data for the operating system. This file is typically encrypted and compressed to minimize the size of the OTA package and to ensure the security of the update process.

During an OTA update, the “payload.bin” file is extracted and applied to the appropriate partitions on the device’s storage. The update process is usually performed by the device’s recovery system or bootloader, and the device may need to be rebooted several times during the update process. if you wish to extract the payload.bin manually then you can do it by following below steps.



  • Download & Install move liblzma-5 dll to Payload dumper go folder
  • extract OTA zip and move payload.bin to Payload dumper go folder
  • open command window to same folder
  • now send below code
payload-dumper-go payload.bin
  • extraction process started, wait until success. done
  • collect all the images in extracted folder..