How to Reboot Vivo V11 Pro to EDL Mod

Reboot Vivo V11 Pro to EDL Mod:

How to Boot Vivo V11 Pro to Recovery mod:


  1. Switch off Your Vivo V11 Pro.
  2. Once off, together Press the Power and volume up button.
  3. This will turn the Device on and You need to hold both the buttons till the Device logo disappears.
  4. After this, simply wait for the time till your device boots into the recovery Mode.

Reboot to Recovery using adb.

A. Enable usb debugging
b. open cmd on adb folder and Connect Phone to PC with usb
c. type this code and hit enter: adb reboot recovery

How to Boot Vivo V11 Pro to EDL Mod:

  1. Remove back Cover of Vivo V11 Pro
  2. Download & Install QD Loader Driver on PC
  3. Now Connect phone to PC with usb Cable
  4. take a Copper Wire and Short Pinout as Show in below image

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