Poco F4 test Point Reboot 9008 EDL

The EDL test point is typically a set of pins on the device’s circuit board that can be shorted together in order to put the device into emergency download mode. In EDL mode, the device can communicate with a computer and receive new Firmware or software through a specialized tool such as QPST or QFIL.

to enable EDL Mod on Your Xiaomi Poco F4 You have to do test Point, which you can do by following the below instructions.


  • test point require additional device disassemble knowledge, do at own risk

How to Reboot Xiaomi Poco F4 to EDL Mod:

  • Install QCOM driver on your computer
  • Remove back cover of the Phone & find the test point as show In below Image
  • keep shorting the test point using a copper wire or tweezer and Insert USB
  • check qcom usb device under COM Port in device manager…if no device, try again

test Point for Xiaomi Poco F4