How to Make Harmony TP Cable

Harmony TP Cable is a Modified usb cable which force Huawei Smartphone to reboot in Huawei USB COM 1.0 EDL Mod. In this article you will learn How you can make your own Harmony TP Cable.


  • 1 pc. 150 Ohm (150 Ω) resistor
  • 1 pc. 270 Ohm (270 Ω) resistor
  • 1 pc. 1.5 kiloohm (1.5 kΩ) resistor
  • 1 pc. standard USB cable

Supported CPU’s:

  • Kirin 710/710A/710F, 810/820, 980/985, 990/990 5G with HarmonyOS


  • make a cut on usb cable and attach all wire to Ohm resistor as show in below image


  • you still have to do test point this cable only works if the test pointing is done
  • you have to check for huawei USB COM Port in device manager, if no port then you have make a wrong cable

Source: Chimera Team


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