How to Make bootrom Readback on Mediatek Phone

bootrom is a small piece of code which is embedded inside a device SoC. It contains the very first code which is executed by the processor during the device power-on. also bootrom check the system for any security issue, if it feel there are some unauthorized changes/flashing then it will prevent flash tool to write any device partition.

How to Make bootrom Readback:

  • on windows PC Install python 3.9
  • download mtkclient & extract it
  • open CMD in MTKclient folder and send below code to Install require files
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Get zadig from & Insall WinUSB driver
  • similar to libusb┬áStart zadig, select Options -> List all devices
  • connect powered off device via usb, and in list choose device with USB ID “0E8D””0003”
  • Select WinUSB and press Button “Replace Driver”
  • Now open cmd & send below code:
python mtk dumpbrom --ptype=["amonet","kamakiri","hashimoto"] [--filename=brom.bin]
  • done bootrom successfully Readded and saved with the name brom.bin inside the mtkclient tool folder.