Download unofficial Android 12 AOSP for Oukitel WP13

unofficial build of Android 12 have Now been available for Oukitel WP13 via AOSP which is a GSI firmware which can be flashed either with twrp recovery or fastboot mod. You still need a bootloader unlocked device to Perform the flashing Process.

What’s Working and Known issue’s:

Component Comment
Camera Works
Speaker/Mic Works
Bluetooth Works
Wi-Fi Works
SIM/Mobile Data/Voice Works
VoLTE Not tested
Fingerprint Works
NFC Works
Offline Charging Works
Display Refresh rate 60Hz
Screen Brightness Works (require tweak)
Volume scale Works
5G Not tested
SafetyNet post root Passed
Wide Vine certification post flash and root L1


  • it will erase all your data Including Internal storage.
  • Please do carefully, we are not responsible for any damage to your device.
  • some devices does not accept blank vbmeta file, if you will face a brick, patch official vbmeta from your device and write it.


  • unlocked bootloader: Guide
  • blank or patched vbmeta file (if not flashed earlier)

Download Links:

  • blank vbmeta & Product GSI: Download
  • AOSP Android 12 for Oukitel WP13: Download
  • additional camera app for better pictures: Download

How to Install Android 12 on Oukitel WP13:

  • Download & extract Platform tools
  • Install adb fastboot driver on your computer
  • Download and Extract ROM file in Platform tools folder
  • on Phone enable usb debugging and oem unlock from developer option
  • turn Phone OFF, Press Volume down and power key until You see fastboot logo, then connect it to computer using usb cable
  • open command window/cmd in platform tool folder
  • send below code to check connected device
fastboot devices
  • if no usb device then check usb driver or disconnect and reconnect device
  • delete logical partition product
fastboot delete-logical-partition product
  • disable android verified boot by sending a patched or blank vbmeta file (first move file to platform tool folder)
fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
  • flash ROM by sending below code
fastboot erase system
fastboot flash system 'filename'
  • replace ‘filename‘ with the correct ROM file name Like ‘fastboot flash system system-squeak-arm64-ab-vanilla.img
  • Reboot
fastboot reboot

Fixes and Solutions:

  • For bluetooth audio enable Misc features > Force-disable A2DP offload
  • If you want AOD enable it in Misc features > Force allow Always-On Display
  • For brightness enable Misc features > Force alternative backlight scale
  • For headphone jack enable Misc features > Use alternate way to detect headsets

Audio jack permanent fix:

adb shell
setprop persist.sys.overlay.devinputjack true