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Download Unlock Tool 2024.06.18.0 Latest Version

UnlockTool is a Popular smartphone servicing tool by UnlockTool Team, The tool provide best, FRP & hard Reset solutions for all Known brands. recently team added support for apple devices too and Now it support almost all Known mobile SoC.


  1. Preloader Authentication:
    • UnlockTool excels at preloader authentication, which is a critical security mechanism that guarantees only authorised firmware is loaded onto a device. This function helps to prevent unauthorised modifications and improves the device’s overall security.
  2. Flashing:
    • The programme makes it simple and quick to flash firmware onto MediaTek-based devices. This is necessary for updating software, resolving bugs, and adding new features without jeopardising the device’s stability.
  3. FRP (Factory Reset Protection):
    • UnlockTool helps with Factory Reset Protection, a security function that protects user data in the event of device loss or theft. The solution guarantees that FRP is efficiently managed during the testing phase, resulting in a flawless user experience.
  4. Unbricking:
    • in the unfortunate event that a device becomes ‘bricked,’ or made non-functional, as a result of a botched software update or other issues, UnlockTool provides unbricking solutions. This function is useful for rescuing gadgets and minimising potential losses.

Features by SoC:


  • Read Info
  • Reset FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Read Firmware
  • Flash Firmware


  • Read info
  • Install apk
  • remove demo
  • read firmware
  • write firmware


  • flash firmware
  • wipe partition
  • flash root files
  • unlock bootloader
  • reset FRP & userdata


  • flash firmware
  • read firmware


  • remove demo
  • frp reset
  • Factory reset
  • EFS reset


  • demo remove
  • frp reset
  • factory reset
  • unlock bootloader vivo qcom


  • firmware flash
  • Firmware read
  • FRP reset
  • Mi account bypass

and Many More features.

Download Links:

How to Install UnlockTool:

  • Download UnlockTool latest version from above
  • Extract UnlockTool.rar
  • run UnlockTool Installer
  • once done, run ‘UnlockTool‘ from desktop shortcut
  • Login with your credential (you can get from their agent)
  • now use according your requirements.

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