How to Make a APP & data backup Without Root

Make a APP & data backup Without Root:

Step by step Guide to Make a backup of app and data without Rooting the device. a backup is a most command requirement for people who use their android phone for testing ROM‘s and mod. this Method work’s on all android Phone with or without unlocking the bootloader.

a backup is a duplicate copy of your android phone which include all your apps and their data so you can restore it after Reseting or flashing the device


How to backup & Restore Android app & data without Root:

  • Download & Extract Platform tools
  • on Phone enable usb debugging from developers options
  • Connect Phone to PC by using the usb cable
  • GO to Platform tools folder & open Command Window
  • Now send below code to make a backup
adb backup -all -f D: \ adb \ data.ab
  • a request appears to unlock the phone screen and confirm the backup – unlock the phone screen and agree

Restore backuped file:

adb restore D: \ adb \ data.ab

Explanations Regarding the flags of the adb backup command:

  • To backup not only data, but also APK applications, use the -apk flag
adb backup -apk -all -f C: \ adb.ab 
# here we included a backup of all installed applications along with their APK
  • To enable or disable the backup of all APKs and data that can be located on the SDCard – add the flag [-shared | -noshared]
adb backup -apk -all -shared -f C: \ adb.ab 
# here, in addition to the backup of all installed software, we included in the 
backup all the software that is located / installed / transferred to sdcard
  • If you need to save the software cache (for example, games) – add the flag [-obb | -noobb]
adb backup -apk -shared -nosystem -obb -f C: \ adb \ adb.ab 
# here we included obb caches in the backup