Download Super GSI Installer

Super GSI Installer is a tool that allow Android user to Install GSI Firmware/ROM on their dynamic Partition based device. as we know recently Google introduce Dynamic Partitions¬† to bring faster updates. if system is included in dynamic Partition that means we can’t flash only system.img using the fastboot mod, so here we share Super GSI Installer which allow system.img Installation on a dynamic Partitions based device, You can use it by following the below Instructions.

Download Links:

Super GSI Installer: Download

How to Install GSI ROM on Dynamic Partition based Device:

  • Download Super GSI Installer from above and Move it to device storage (Main Directory)
  • Download desirer GSI ROM and Rename it system.img and Move it device storage (main directory)
  • reboot Phone to twrp Recovery and Make a nandroid backup
  • click Install, select super GSI Installer & swipe slider to confirm Installation
  • once done Your new GSI Firmware successfully Installed. Reboot system Now.