How to unlock SIM lock on Realme GT5 (remove region restriction)

A SIM region lock is a type of SIM lock that restricts the use of a mobile phone to a specific region or country. This means that a phone with a SIM region lock will only work with SIM cards from that particular region or country and will not work with SIM cards from other regions or countries.

for example, a phone with a SIM region lock for China will only work with SIM cards from China and will not work with SIM cards from Asia or America. SIM region locks are often put in place by mobile phone manufacturers or network providers to control the distribution of their phones and to ensure that they are used only in the regions for which they are intended.

The SIM region lock is usually tied to the phone’s firmware, and it can only be removed by entering a special code, provided by the manufacturer or network provider. However, removing a SIM region lock may not be possible in all cases, and it may also void the phone’s warranty.

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Steps to unlock SIM Lock on Realme GT5:

  • Visit this page\
  • Enter Your device IMEI Number & Click convert
  • Now copy the output code
  • Open Dialer on Your device
  • dial *#3988691# & enter the output code
  • once done, Reboot your device! Your Device Now unlocked and you can use it on any Region.

Free Method 2:

  • visit nearby realme service center and ask them to unlock your device

Paid Method (Instant Unlock)

  • Contact Me for unlock
  • Method 1: custom rom flash: flash a customized rom on your Realme GT5 which allow you to use the  device in any region
  • Method 2: contact us for unlock code, and follow the above method to activate your device