How to unlock bootloader on Huawei Phone using DC-Phoenix

bootloader is the component or code in the operating system that is executed before the start of any android device. A locked bootloader device would not allow you to modify that bootloader and thus you are stuck with using (booting) the same operating system that the device Originally came with. once you unlock the bootloader on your device it will give you ability to Install other versions of the operating system on your Phone.


  • it will void your device warranty
  • all userdata will be erased, Including Internal storage, so must make a backup before process

Steps to unlock bootloader on Huawei Phone using DC-Phoenix

  • Launch the DC-Phoenix application, click on “OK” in the disclaimer window and log in to an account with a temporary license.
  • on Popup window click on “OK” and close the browser window that appears. After that, find the Update by TP tab at the top of the DC-Phoenix main window and click on it.
  • enable usb debugging and connect phone to pc using usb cable
  • check enable software test point and click on Do job. After that, the program will work for some time with the phone in the update mode, and then the latter will turn off the screen and will be recognized in the system as “USB SER”.
  • Download and unpack the drivers for the testpoint: https: //files.dc-unloc…C945A79B1967234CECB423
  • Open the Device Manager (on Windows 10: Win + X -> Device Manager), find the “USB SER” device in the Other devices list and right-click on it, then select update driver.
  • In the window that appears, select find drivers on this computer and through Browse, select the drivers folder, which is located in the unpacked drivers folder from step 5. After that, click Next.
  • After that, the Installation will go, and after a while the system will announce success, recognizing the device as HUAWEI USB COM 1.0.
  • Leave the DC-Phoenix window open and start the HCU-Client application.
  • Log in in the expanded Account tab to your account with a temporary license.
  • In the Phone connectivity section, to the right of the checked Autodetect checkbox, change the operating mode from Manufacture mode (COM ports) to fastboot / Xloader (Hisilicon only).
  • Go to the Xloader tab and agree to the terms of the disclaimer in the window that appears.
  • In the select CPU or loader field, select Kirin710_P1_V2 and wait while the program downloads the necessary files to work. After that click on Read phone info.
  • The log window should display detailed information about the device. If this happens, continue.
  • Find the combo menu, which by default is Bootloader lock: Not change, click on it and change its value to Bootloader lock: unlocked.
  • Click on Repair and wait until the program finishes working with the device.
  • After that close HCU-Client and return to DC-Phoenix window. On the open Update by TP tab, check the Disable software testpoint item.
  • In the open subsection Bootloader files select Kirin710_P1_V2 and click on Do job.
  •  After that, the phone will restart and show a plate “Your device has been unlocked and can’t be trusted.” After a while, the splash screen and lock screen will appear.
  • congratulations, you have unlocked the bootloader. Now you can do whatever you want with it. Nearly.

Source: 4pda