How to uninstall System app Without Root

uninstall System app Without Root access:

Many Devices Come with too bloatware and user face hanging and Slow Speed issue on their Smartphone so This guide for those users who face bloatware issue on their smartphone. In The article You Will Learn How to Remove Bloatware Without Root access.

uninstall System app Without Root access:

1. Go to Setting about Phone and type 7-8 on build Number

2. Go back to Setting and Find Developer Option then enable usb debugging From their

3. Then Connect Phone to PC With usb . after that Go to adb folder and Open CMD Here.

adb shell

If necessary, we authorize the device. If an error message pops up (device is not authorized), and you authorized the device, enter adb shell again.
Further we write in CMD

pm list packages

The list of installation packages drops out. In this list, choose what you want to delete. Turn on the brain before you start deleting! You can fill up the system and have to reflash.
To delete a package, enter

pm uninstall -k --user 0

(for example, pm uninstall -k –user 0 – will remove googledics)
After stripping it is desirable to make a body. To clear the conscience