How to Send Automated Message on Whatsapp

Send Automated Message on Whatsapp:

Step by Step Guide to Send Automated Message on Whatsapp, by Following the below Instructions You can Send any Automated Message on Whatsapp by using Your Android Phone.


How to Send Automated Messages on Whatsapp:

  • Download Yowsup-cli, Extract the zip and Copy the folders Yowsup and Examples on sl4a folder
  • Download python-dateutil, Extract the tar and copy the folder dateutil on
  • Download wa_scripts.rar, open and copy the,, files on
  • Open modify these lines with your country code and phone number and save and Register
  • Open SL4A and Run script. It should send You a SMS code with This Format (XXX-XXX). Copy the code without “-“. You will use it on Next step. It could take some time.
  • If you do not Receive the SMS, could try with this
  • Register the code: open, modify these lines with your country code,phone number code , save and run.
  • If you successfully register, Whatsapp will generate a password for you, which will be displayed in the command output. Copy the pw (password) and paste on file
  • like this:
    login = “584247777777”
    phone = “584147777777”
    message = “Test WhatsApp #1”
    countryCode = “58”
    method = “sms”
    identity = “”
    password = “MDAwMDAwMDAwMA==”
  • Now you could Run script on SL4A to test if it works.
  • create a task in Tasker like this:

Source: XDA


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