How to create rawprogram0.xml patch0.xml parse gpt_main0.bin

gpt_main0.bin is a Partition table file of a qualcomm device, which contains Partition layouts of a physical storage device like emmc or ufs. You can parse it by following the below Instructions.


  • this method work only for EMMC devices.


  • download ROM2box
  • move gpt_main0.bin to rom2box root folder
  • run rom2box.exe
  • go to qualcomm tab, mark ‘emmc‘, mark ‘create rawprogram
  • Click ‘START‘ button
  • Success ! check rom2box main directory, you will find rawprogram0.xml & Patch0.xml there.

List of Files it generate:

  • gpt_backup0.bin
  • gpt_both0.bin
  • partition.xml
  • patch0.xml
  • rawprogram0.xml
  • rawprogram0_BLANK.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY0.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY1.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY2.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY3.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY4.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY5.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY6.xml
  • wipe_rawprogram_PHY7.xml
  • zeros_1sector.bin
  • zeros_33sectors.bin

What files we need:

we need following files >  rawprogram0.xml & patch0.xml copy them and delete all other files.