Google Play Integrity fix > A Zygisk Module to fix SafetyNet

SafetyNet is a powerful security API developed by Google to assist developers in protecting their apps from any attacks. The ‘ctsProfileMatch‘ flag, which confirms that a device’s hardware and software configuration meet the standards established by Google’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), is a crucial part of SafetyNet. Certain applications might not work properly or might be marked as possibly insecure if this check is unsuccessful.

The ‘MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY‘ flag, part of Google Play’s Integrity framework, is a additional security measure that verifies devices meet particular integrity requirements. Users who have rooted their devices or other system changes may find this difficult as these changes have the potential to raise this flag and restrict access to particular apps and services.

What is Zygisk :

Zygisk is a powerful magisk module which offers a solution that allows users explore the Google Play Store safely and freely.

Features of PlayIntegrityFix Module:

  1. SafetyNet Bypass: The module bypass SafetyNet checks that trigger the ‘ctsProfileMatch’ flag. which makes it possible for users with rooted devices to successfully complete the SafetyNet attestation procedure.
  2. Play Integrity Compatibility: Zygisk makes sure that users can preserve device integrity and still take use of rooted device features by taking care of the “MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY” flag.

Download Links:

How to Install:

  • Install magisk
  • install zygisk
  • Download and add PlayIntegrityFix Module
  • Reboot device!