How to fix Paytm Not Working/ loading Screen

Fix Paytm Not Working/ loading Screen / Not Responding:

Paytm is a Indian e-commerce payment system, allow merchants and consumers to make seamless mobile payments from cards, bank account and UPI. The app does not charge for any transaction and Provide free Payment avenues such as Paytm wallet and Paytm Payment bank. sometime the app show a loading screen without any content or response so you can fix this by following the below Instructions

Check Internet Connection:

The Most common issue cause ‘Not Loading screen/ No Response’ on Paytm. to fix this scroll the Notification Panel and click on Airplane icon. once enable re-click on it,

Once Single up then disable and enable data connection and Click on ‘tap to load the snap‘ done, snaps Now loaded.

Clear in App Cache:

sometime in app cache cause ‘Not Loading Screen/Not Responding‘ You can fix it by Removing in app cache, for that follow below Instructions

  • on Phone open setting and find Application’s/ apps/ Installed app etc, it’s different on different devices
  • once found, open and search for ‘Paytm‘, click on it then Storage & Cache  then click clear cache, done

update Paytm App:

sometime older version cause ‘Not Loading Screen/ Not working/ No Response’ You can fix it by updating the app, for that open play store, search for Paytm and select ‘update


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