Download TPST Tool V1.8.0

TPST Tool is a smartphone flashing tool developed by TCL Technology, the tool use official SP Flash tool & QPST DLL to write firmware on their qcom and Mediatek Phones. there is a specific Model option to add support for specific model. Model exe file for TPST tool contain specific model database in DLL Format.

Download Links:

How to use TPST tools:

  • Install TCL (qcom/mtk) driver
  • Install TPST tool exe file on your computer
  • Install specific Model exe file on your computer
  • Run TPST tools
  • from the main page click load Model & browse for your device Model
  • Click Refurbish option and Load device Firmware
  • connect Phone in EDL Mod
  • Now Click Refurbish button
  • wait for success. done