Download Redmi A1 Plus NVRAM NVDATA dump

The word nvdata refers to a directory/ partition that contains crucial configuration data and settings for the hardware, software, and network connectivity of MediaTek Android devices. IMEI numbersMAC addressesWi-Fi setups, Bluetooth settings, and other device-specific data are all stored in the nvdata directory, which is normally located in the device’s internal storage.

The nvdata directory is not easily accessible using normal user interfaces or file explorers, much like NVRAM. MediaTek-specific tools or programs are typically needed in order to access or alter files located in the nvdata directory.

The nvdata directory contains files that, if altered or tampered with without the right knowledge or authorization, could result in catastrophic consequences, including IMEI or may be permanent loss of device.


  • use at own risk

Download Links:

How to use:

  • Restore backup with any supported box


fastboot erase nvram
fastboot erase nvdata
fastboot flash nvram nvram.bin
fastboot flash nvdata nvdata.bin


once done use MAUI Meta to Repair IMEI Number.