How to Convert Realme GT 2 Pro RMX3300 (Chinese) to RMX3301 (Global)

Oplus Release Realme GT 2 Pro on different location with different ROM & Chines Realme GT 2 Pro RMX3300 one of them which is come with some limitation, so if you wish to convert it to Global version, then this article for you where we share complete guide to install global firmware on chines Realme GT 2 Pro.



  • Download all files from requirement’s
  • copy both firmware to download folder
  • Go to Settings – Applications – Application Management, press 3 dots, select to show system applications! In the search, enter – Software Update, find it and clear the cache and data in it! Next, in the search, enter – Update Service, find it, and also clear the cache and data in it!
  • Install the OP Updater apk
  • Place the Full OTA CN A13 zip on the root folder of your device.
  • Open the Oplus updater, press the gear on top. You will see the CN Package listed, tap on it but ‘DO NOT INSTALL
  • Put the ‘OP updater app’ on Floating Window so it does not close it
  •  Go to the file manager copy the OTA CN A13 from the root of the device and rename the android 12 India Rollback with the name of the OTA CN A13 you copied
  • Delete the OTA CN A13 from the root of the device (or move to another folder) and move the Android 12 India Roolback (that you already renamed) to root folder
  • Go back to the floating window OP Updater and press install now
  • once done, click Reboot button, done! Now your device running on Global version!