How to Bypass SLA DAA Auth using ROM2box

DAA (Download agent authentication) and SLA (Serial Link Authorization) is a security feature that oppo Implement on their Mediatek devices to Prevent unauthorized flashing. once DAA or SLA Authentication implanted it will prevent flash tool to write any device partition without completing the challenge.

In the case of DAA Protection You can bypass it by loading a custom or slightly Modified DA (Download agent file) in SP Flash tool. but in case of SLA You can’t load a DA File without completing the SLA challenge which is done through the Special account called Authorized oppo ID or account that are given to service center for repairing oppo devices.

ROM2Box allow it’s user to bypass SLA & DAA Auth on Protected Disabled devices which you can do by following below Instructions.


  • Install USBDK and Mediatek Driver
  • Run ROM2Box.exe
  • Click Mediatek/ Service & bootloader unlock!
  • Click disable Auth
  • Once the process Started, Connect your Switched off Phone to Computer by pressing Volume up + down Key (make sure your phone stable in device manager and detected as a USBDK device Not a Mediatek device)
  • done, You can flash your phone using SP flash tools,


  • untick cdt_engineering.img & oppo_XX.img in flash tools or use ROM2box, must Wipe userdata after flashing any Image or ROM.
  • don’t directly turn on OPPO and Realme Phone, Once Your work done, just disconnect device and Reconnect it once you see Charging Animation disconnect & Switch it ON.

Reference Video