Download Vivo S1 Pro PD1945F QCN File (IMEI Repair)

QCN is file format contain Network related data of a device Including IMEI Number, BT address, Mac address, Serial Number etc.

IMEI Number or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a Number to identify a Mobile Phone. all GSM network use IMEI Number to validate the device. if you have Loss IMEI Number on Your Vivo S1 Pro PD1945F due to any software issue then You can Repair it by following the below Instructions.


  1. QPST Here
  2. QCN Rebuilder
  3. QCN Vivo S1 Pro PD1945F: Download

Steps to Repair IMEI Number on Vivo S1 Pro PD1945F:

Experimental method=

  • Download require files from above
  • Run QCN Rebuilder and select downloaded QCN file
  • Replace IMEI Number with the Original IMEI Number ( don’t change otherwise Your Phone will not accept it).  then click Rebuild

  • Now Enable usb debugging and connect Phone to PC
  • Send the below code via CMD

Reset EFS Partition:

adb reboot bootloader
fastboot erase modemst1
fastboot erase modemst2
fastboot erase fsg
fastboot erase fsc
  • flash modemst1 modemst2 fsg & fsc (available in firmware) via fastboot
fastboot flash modemst1 modemst1.img
fastboot flash modemst2 modemst2.img
fastboot flash fsg fsg.img
fastboot flash fsc fsc.img
  • Enable Diag Port:
adb shell
setprop sys.usb.config rndis,diag,adb
  • Run QPST. Go to restore tab and select the Rebuilded QCN file & Click restore
  • done

Note: if any issue, First flash ENG ROM, then follow above Instructions..

Method 2:

  • use with supported box or dongle