How to Repair IMEI Number on MEIZU PRO 7 / PRO 7 PLUS

IMEI Repairing MEIZU PRO 7 / PRO 7 PLUS:

1. First you need to get root permissions from the fingerprint section of Meizu settings.

2. Later we download the Android Terminal Emulator (we used Termux) from Playstore.

3. We turn on Termux and give root privileges. Do not forget to always remember.

4. Next we will say “su” to get the superuser permission first, then “123456789012345” =IMEIWRITEHERE. WHERE YOU WANT TO WRITE. PREPARING THE ORIGINAL IMEILORS FOR UNFORGED DEVICES FOR THIS ISSUE DEVICES. Each line is a command. You will say enter sequentially.

echo 'AT +EGMR=1,7,"123456789012345"'>/dev/radio/pttycmd1

echo 'AT +EGMR=1,10,"123456789012345"'>/dev/radio/pttycmd1

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